Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Speaker and Title: Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

The reason why I like this video is because the man speakes about creativity in schools and how it lacks in students, Ken says he/she will not live his/her life to there full potiential without it.  "Creativity now is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status."
The comedy aspect to the video also keeps me watching it as it does get a bit boring as it is nearly over twenty minutes.

Other people should watch this because this TedTalk is very inspiring and intresting. as  Children are our future and nothing is ever going to change with this world if we keep teaching our children the same mistakes. Teachers of the world should view this video and get inspired to teach creativitly.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

yesterday on the 23rd of October two people came in to talk to us about about Psychoanalysis Liz and brien, psyscoanalysists are people who study the uncounsious brain.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Yesterday on the 16th of October at 1:10 Mark Pollack visited our school. He is blind and paralised ,in 1998 at the age of 22 mark pollack became blind it took over two weeks until he was fully blind, but that didnt stop him from running marathans , trathalons,kyaking and also he did a ironman in switzer land. he also raced to the south pole and started in Antartica which was 400km he was in a group of three men who had trained with him for 12 monthes of hard training fisicaly and mentaly.he also did a 7 day marathon in the Gobi dessert. Although mark did very well to pick him self up disaster struck in 2010 in london he fell of a 2 story balcony and broke his spine he is now  disabled from the waste down. the people who found him on the ground thought he was dead and when he went to hospital the doctors said he had no chance of living but they were wrong. He spent 16 monthes in hospital after the accident and was in a wheel chair. the docters said he would never walk again but he said 'hes not going to sit around waitingfor him self to walk again' he did project walk in california for a year and then they got the equipment in UCD  were they have robotic legs to try help him walk again. there is a fun run in town to raise money for guide dogs ,mark pollack trust ect...they are hoping for 5000 people to show up and run either 5km or 10km

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

yesterday on the 18th of september during my two last classes two people came into us to talk to us about the rose of tralee which was very intresting,the two people went to beurus in 2011 to see,understand and help the kids in this orphanage.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

inis mor

On the 3rd of september my year went to the aran islands i had to the school at 7:45 as the bus left a 7:30. the bus journey was about 4 hours long but half way btween there at the 2 hour point we stopped off at athlone to get food and drinks.then we got back on the bus all the way to Galway the we waited an hour for the ship to come that would take us across to the aran islands (inis mor),the boat took 45 mins to get to the island.when we got there we has to go to are hostels kilronan and monister.i went to monister which was a 15 min walk to get there.after unpacking are bags we went for a walk and saw loads of sites such as the smallest church in Europe, it was very small but it was a very wet and rainy day so it was very hard to listen to te guide.after the walk we went to a restaurant for dinner this restaurant would be are source of dinner for the next few days,the food was very nice after dinner we had a table quiz which lasted 1 hour.then when we were finished we had to go to are hostel and be in bed by 10:15. the next day we went on a 6 hour cycle which was about 26 km.we took various brakes around the island such as 'fort angus' which was amzing.after are very long cycle we went swimming which was very nice and cooled us down it was a very sunny day the wter was very clear and clean.after swimming we went back to our hostels got changed and went to are ceile.the celie lasted about 1 hour and when we were finished we went for dinner in the same restaurant i had chicken and chips.tonite was are last nite so the teachers let us stay up a bit later.the next day was the last day so there was nothing planned to we all did are own thing,the boat was dew to pick us up at 1 o'clock.we packed all are bags and got on the ship to galway once we reached galway we got on a bus and headed back to wasnt about until 6:30 when we got back we were all very tired and had a great time.